Die Frühjahrsausgabe des englischsprachigen „Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture“, herausgegeben von Matthew Champion und Becky Williams, hat mittelalterliche und frühneuzeitliche Graffiti und Steinmetzzeichen zum Thema.

Die Ausgabe ist online frei verfügbar: http://digital.kenyon.edu/perejournal/


Matthew Champion: Introduction to Special Issue on New Research on Medieval and Later Graffiti

Matthew Champion: The Priest, the Prostitute, and the Slander on the Walls: Shifting Perceptions Towards Historic Graffiti

Becky Williams: Monsters, Masons, and Markers: An overview of the graffiti at All Saints Church, Leighton Buzzard

Claire Woodhead: A Special Class of Prisoner: Graffiti at Winchester’s Westgate

Alison Fearn: A Light in the Darkness – the Taper Burns of Donington le Heath Manor House

Nathalie Cohen: Scratches and Storytelling: Graffiti and interpretation at National Trust sites in Kent and East Sussex, England

Crystal Hollis: Medieval Milwaukee: Unlikely Graffiti at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel

Becky Williams: Conclusions Regarding the Study of Medieval Graffiti

Ben Reiss: Pious Phalluses and Holy Vulvas: The religious Importance of Some Sexual Body-Part Badges in Late-Medieval Europe (1200-1550)