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Time table

Thursday 14 September

9:00 Registration

9:30 Introduction

9:45 Javier Abarca (ES). Tags are culture

10:00 KEYNOTE Susan Phillips (US). The city beneath: excavating a century of Los Angeles graffiti

10:30 François Chastanet (FR). For a geography of urban signatures. New York globalisation & metropolitan particularities

11:00 Panel: Athens tags

– Julia Tulke (US). Names, Affects, Politics: Tags of the crisis in Athens

– Konstantina Drakopoulou and Argiro Papathanasiou (GR). The Hit and Lifo graffiti crews from Athens

– Orestis Pangalos (GR). Football, military and adolescent tagging in Greece

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Vladimir Stekachyov (RU). Cleanliness is next to godliness

13:30 Panel: Tagging as marking of a sustained relation to a place

– Andreas Dorn (DE). Tagging in the Valley of the Kings around 1200-1150 BC.

– Danny Flynn et al (UK, MU, TR). Invasive tags, Île de la Passe

– Edwige Fusaro (FR).Taggings on classroom desks

– Valeria Federici (IT). The role of tags, between place and existence

14:45 Detlev Kraack (DE). Tagging 500 years ago: the heraldic graffiti of later medieval noble travellers

15:15 COFFEE

15:30 Panel: Conservation and tradition

– Elena Gayo and Carlota Santabárbara (ES). Graffiti and the ethics of conservation

– Theo Kindynis (UK). Excavating ghosts: Urban exploration as graffiti archaeology

– Will Shank (US). To tag and to un-tag: the preservation point of view

16:30 Jakob Kimval (SE). Revisiting “Tag Town”

17:00 Carl Cattermole (UK). Sausage roll style and jail. Graffiti in London from 2000 until now

Friday 15 September

9:45 Edward Birzin (US). Taki 183 as Bildungsroman

10:15 KEYNOTE Rafael Schacter (UK). Adjunctive and decorative: graffiti as ornament

10:45 Gabriele Goffriller (AT). Joseph Kyselak (1798-1831). The world’s first graffiti tagger?

11:15 Panel: Pompeii

– Eeva-Maria Viitanen (FI). Public and private tags in Roman Pompeii

– Polly Lohmann (DE). Tagging in antiquity: Pompeian graffiti between individuality and convention

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Pedro Soares (PT). Tagging 22000 years ago

13:30 Vitorio Parisi (IT). Tags as weapons of meaning(ful) destruction

14:00 Panel: Eastern calligraphy

– Norbert Kirbach (DE). Tagging and chinese calligraphy

– Jake Carter (AU). Between inscription & gesture

– Kadir “Amigo” Memis (DE). Movement of letters

15:00 COFFEE

15:20 Carlo McCormick (US). Identifying lines: tagging, literary squiggles and the fine art of branding

15:50 Panel: Other taggings

– Jo Preußler (DE). Skywriting

– Lukas Fuchsgruber (DE). The curious case of glass tagging. Towards a history and theory of scratchings

– Jean-Baptiste Barr and Timothée Engasser (FR). Marks of erasure: a visual and sociological approach to anti-graffiti policies

16:45 Tomasz Sikorski (PL). Illegal signs and names in public space in Poland: three stories from 1942, 1965 and 1989

17:15 Conclusions

Executive committee

Edward Birzin – JFK Institute, Freie Universität

Javier Abarca – independent researcher