The conference „Stone stories across Europe: Study and valorization of stones‘ marks and signs“ will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus, between the 29th of June and the 4th of July 2020.

From the call:

„Researchers are invited to express their interests to present a paper or a poster concerning one or more aspects of stone marks and signs related to the stoneworking process, uses, functions such as:

  • quarries: extraction, stone supply, transports, groups and communities involved;
  • stone cutting techniques: from the detectable traces on the stones to the utensils and techniques employed, to the working technologies and men’s knowledge;
  • masons’ marks: forms and meanings, distribution, use and functions, masons’ history and traditions;
  • epigraphy: from the working process and the material realisation to patrons’ and institutions’ commissions to public receptions;
  • stone decorative elements, bass relief, architectonical sculpture: focusing on decorative techniques and their realisation, material supplies – trade and circulation – (local or imported), workers;
  • graffiti: from their material realisation to their meaning and function to enhance our knowledge concerning the buildings’ history and its use in the past, as well as and people’s attitude towards space and monuments;
  • stone working knowledge and traditions: past and present knowledge and education, people involved and knowledge transmission, contemporary masons experience, experimental archaeology;
  • immaterial culture: all aspects related to stone working and their effect on men’s life and tradition.

These are some of the themes considered for the 22nd CIRG conference. A multidisciplinary approach is strongly recommended as well as all contributions dealing with methodology and the use of digital applications for the documentation and study of stone marks and signs.“

The conference is being organised by the Centre International de Recherches Glyptographiques (CIRG) and The Cyprus Institute and its Andreas Pittas Art Characterization Laboratories. Organising Committee: Mia Trentin (Chair) – Jean-Louis Van Belle – Iosif Hadjikyriakos.

Deadline for abstracts: 15th October 2019.

For the full call for papers see: